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Business Envelopes


Great value business envelopes and office document envelopes in a multitude of sizes; DL Р(110 x 220 mm),C4 Р(324 x 229 mm), C5 Р(229 x 162 mm), C6 Р(114 x 162 mm), C7 Р(83 x 112 mm), 152 x 89 mm, 318 x 267 mm, 394 x 318 mm, 270 x 216 mm, 229 x 102 mm, 254 x 178 mm, 190 x 127 mm, 381 x 254 mm. Our Business Envelopes come in white, manilla and gold. We have board-backed envelopes and bubble envelopes to keep everything safe and money and wage envelopes perfect for businesses and school dinner money! All Envelopes are UK manufactured.
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White Window Envelopes
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Money Envelopes
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Bubble Envelopes
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