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Business Envelopes


Great value business envelopes and office document envelopes. We supply bubble, board backed manilla envelpes and money envelopes.

Bubble Envelopes in White and Gold and in the Following Sizes 165 x 110 mm (internal) Size A, 215 x 120 mm (internal) Size B, 215 x 150 mm (internal) Size C, 265 x 180 mm (internal) Size D, 265 x 220 mm (internal) Size E, 335 x 220 mm (internal) Size F, 335 x 240 mm (internal) Size G, 60 x 270 mm (internal) Size H, 445 x 300 mm (internal) Size J, 470 x 350 mm (internal) Size K, 180 x 165 mm (internal) Size CD

Money and wage envelopes are perfect for enclosing money and cash payrolls, be it for the office or the children’s dinner money. Yorkshire envelopes produce both printed and none printed money envelopes, in two sizes 108 x 102mm and 100 x 62mm.

Board backed envelopes have a rigid cardboard backing and strong, heavy weight paper to prevent them bending in the mail. They are manilla and printed with a ’Please Do Not Bend’ on the front. We offer 2 sizes; 250x176mm & 318x267mm. Perfect for sending and protecting important A4 documents, such as proofs, legal document and delicate papers.