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cello bags

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Our New Brochure with colour swatches and prices

Have you received a copy of our 2017 brochure? It contains swatches of all our new envelope colours and our latest envelope pricing. Get in touch if you would like a copy

Transparent Bags for greeting cards

New Pack Sizes in Cello Bags

CELLO BAGS – Now available in packs of 20, 100 and 25000 (as well as 500 and 1000). From as little as £0.78

C6 – 120x162mm Fits Envelope Size 114x162mm
DL – 114x220mm Fits Envelope Size 110x220mm
135x130mm Fits Envelope Size 130x130mm
137x184mm Fits Envelope Size 133x184mm
159x155mm Fits Envelope Size 155x155mm
129x175mm Fits Envelope Size 125x175mm
165×230 Fits Envelope Size 162x229mm

and C7 – 87x113mm Fits Envelope Size 83x112mm in 1000s and 500s

See them on our website…/cello-bags/