Yorkshire Envelopes

environmental promise

We at Yorkshire Envelopes being part of the modern and progressive Pukka Pad Group, realise that we have a responsibility to be aware of our impact on the environment and a duty of care when it comes to environmental matters.

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment in all aspects of our business.

As a consequence we are committed to:

  • Using paper and materials from well managed , sustainable and accredited sources
  • All paper mills used are ISO9002 and ISO14001 accredited
  • Manufacturing and shipping products in a responsible manner
  • Reducing the creation of waste by improving manufacturing systems
  • Recycling all paper waste resulting from manufacture and office use
  • FSC chain of custody certification

Looking forward , we aim to be fully informed of the latest developments and standards in paper production and will implement them wherever possible.

For further information about any of our envelope products and services, please contact our Customer Services Team on 01274 518890 or email mail@yorkshireenvelopes.com