Pukka Post & Packaging Poly Mailer Bags Size 6 – 440x580mm + 40mm (Pack of 10)

Pukka Post & packaging is aimed to take the stress out of all of your packaging needs! A place to buy all your packaging in one go!

Pack it with confidence with our Pukka Post Poly Mailer bags.

Our poly mailer bags measure 440mm x 580m and have a 40mm depth and come in a pack of 10. There’s no need to purchase extra labels as our mailer bags have a lined box where you can input your receiver’s address. (Our Permanent Markers are brilliant for this.) We think our poly mailer bags are perfect for retail, personal, and business use.

Our mailer bags are opaque meaning your items will be safe inside, with our peel-off closure with self-seal grip your contents will be secure. Giving you that Pukka Peace of mind when sending parcels.

We take pride in our packaging and we are all about creating the best possible first impression.

Make sure that you have the best possible equipment to work with, by choosing Pukka Post & Packaging.


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  • Size: 440mm x 580mm +40mm in capacity
  • Poly Mailer is made of plastic which can be recycled if checked locally.
  • Peel off back with a self-seal grip
  • Tear Resistant
  • Pack of 10


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